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Here are just some of the more popular services that we offer. If you have any questions or want something done that you don't see feel free to give us a call.

Cross-Connection Maintenance Program

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backflow prevention

Backflow Prevention Maintenance

Backflow devices are sometimes required by local municipalities to ensure that, if water pressure is ever lost, contaminates do not re-enter the system. All local municipal water authorities in which a backflow prevention device is installed require devices to be tested annually. Our services include backflow prevention device certification, repair, installation, sales, parts distribution, and consultation. Contact us and have your backflow prevention device test and certification scheduled today!




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backflow protection

Backflow Theft Prevention

Do you have a backflow device in front of your property? Most property owners do not realize the cost associated with replacing their backflow device if it is ever stolen or otherwise damaged by theft. Often the cost of adding a cage or other protection devices is a fraction of this cost and is a deterrent to thieves.




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pipeline disinfection

Distribution System Disinfection

Water lines installed are required to be disinfected and tested to make sure there are no harmful bacteria in the water. We manage each step of this process for you including hydrostatic pressure test, chlorination, flush, BacT samples, and beyond.

New buildings and building remodels are also subject to disinfection processes and sampling.

Also, if you have a well or reservoir that requires disinfection, we can help!


Please call us or email us here for more information!

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water filtration

Water Filtration

Are you tired of poor tap water quality?

Do you want to have your appliance, home or business protected from harsh water contaminants?

Almost all water supplied from the main system, while meeting safety standards, does not appeal to the consumption of most folks due to poor taste or cloudy appearance. There are better options!

Call us  or email us here to see what water filtration options are available to you. You might be surprised by how good your water can taste!


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Aqua Backflow and Chlorination, Inc. has been serving you since 1974! We work in every county and city, and interface with most private, public, and municipal water authorities, agencies, and organizations throughout California, and beyond. We have the experience and the ability to respond on a national level.

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